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If you want to know how to fix error code 40 of Valorant then pay attention to what we have to tell you in this article.

What is error code 40 from Valorant?

The first thing to understand is that the game is still in a closed beta, so bumping into bugs once in a while is completely normal. With this in mind, this error code is presented accompanied by the message "There was an error in the protocol to the platform. Restart your game client" and the "Exit game" button.

How to fix error code 40 of Valorant?

The first thing we recommend you do if you want to end this error is to exit the game and restart the client, which should correct it immediately.
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    But in case the error is not corrected, we have to restart your PC and your internet and wifi router.

    It's probably also the necessary sea that there are no pending game update patches.

    If the error is still not fixed, we have to start the game as administrator or wait for the game servers to come back online in case they are down.

    This was our guide on how to fix error code 40 of Valorant, we hope it has been as helpful as possible for you and you have obtained to solve this problem with our tips. We recommend you try one by one, in case you don't work the next until you find your solution.

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