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Today we bring you a Valorant guide where we will explain how to create and submit a ticket.

What to know about ticket in Valorant?

In order to receive some assistance to get out of a problem is that these tickets are sent, which will help us solve some things in the game, these being bugs and errors, now to know how to create and send a ticket let's follow the next content.

How to create and submit a ticket in Valorant?

There are a series of instructions that we must follow to know how to create and send a ticket in Valorant and these are the following:
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    • We enter our browser to go to the support website.
    • At the top, we choose login to enter our access credentials.
    • Before doing so, we send a ticket to check if our problem is common.
    • You have to go down to look for it and if it is not there we will send a ticket, only that we must be connected, or we will be asked about it.
    • Being connected, we will go to the page to send the request, where the option of the type of it will be.
    • We give you on the list to access other options to choose that is related to our problem, and we choose it.
    • We add the subject that corresponds to the spaces that are mentioned.
    • In the description box, we have to write something about what we want.
    • We find a box to attach files or anything else that highlights the problems that the game has, and we send it.
    • We check the email we add that is linked to our Riot ID
    • All communications and updates that happen in relation to our ticket will reach our email.

    It is evident that knowing how to create and submit a ticket is of great help to us to find a solution to any problem in Valorant.

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