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Valorant simply allows us to function uniquely, let's see how to all chat and team chat.

What's the point of chatting with everyone and chatting as a team in Valorant?

Simply having the opportunity to exchange information, but this does not stop there, because working as a team allows us to be participants in the decision-making related to each step to follow, as we know this is a shooting game where it is usually necessary to apply various tactics, the object of these chats is nothing more than to cross and share information.

How to all chat and team chat in Valorant?

In the case of team chat, it is usually necessary:

  • Enter Team Chat and proceed to press Enter in order to write our message, then we must press Enter once more to proceed to send it.

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    In the case of everyone's chat, it is usually necessary:

    • Press Shift Enter, then we proceed to write the desired message and press Enter again to send it to both computers.

    It is possible to take care of whispering to the player, and for this we must:

    • Press Ctrl Enter and proceed to write the name of the respective player, then press Tab in order to confirm it after writing the message and finally press Enter.

    It should be noted that the most common use that tends to occur are quick chats "GG", this is done after finishing a game in order to inform that we have had a good time, regardless of whether we win or lose, it is only necessary to be quick, This because All Chat usually disappears easily, we must also consider avoiding talks that can be taken too seriously, phobias, avoid idiocy, this type of behavior does not favor and simply causes us to be expelled from the chat

    In this sense, knowing how to all chat and team chat offers us the opportunity to communicate constantly in Valorant, try it.

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