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In this article we are going to tell you how to fix Valorant does not respond and we have prepared several solutions in case one does not work for you.

What is the Valorante error?

Before contacting how to fix Valorante not responding, you have to know that this error is usually caused by the GPU or the system that does not meet the limited requirements. If it is for the GPU, it is a matter of errors, which may have to be addressed, although users reported the error even after updating the problems.

How to fix Valorant not responding?

On how to fix Valorante not responding you should be aware that the problem is not a problem of the servers or something that the developers can fully load.

We have prepared several solutions to how to fix Valorante does not respond and then we will leave them for you to use one a in case one does not work.
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    • The first thing we recommend you do is update the graphics card driver to version 378.49, as the new driver software could be unstable and cause problems such as crashes on startup.

    About this on Reddit it has been said that the Nvidia 378.49 Win10 x64 driver solved the problem for several users. So we recommend you access the official website and download this version of the Nvidia graphics card driver.

    In case you have tried the last controller and do not have positive responses, you will have to try the previous controller to the last one or go to the next solution.

    • If the above didn't work, the next thing you can do is uninstall and reinstall Vanguard.

    For this, the first thing you have to do is type in the Windows search bar "Control Panel", when the panel opens, go to where it says Programs> Uninstall a program and remove Riot Vanguard by right-clicking and selecting Uninstall and following the instructions.

    Run the game as administrator and Vanguard will redownload automatically.

    • Close programs that consume CPU and are not in use.

    In case there are programs consuming CPU and they are not in use, we recommend closing them to avoid crashes.

    For this you will have to press Ctrl Alt Del and access the "Task Manager", close the applications that occupy more than 25 percent of the CPU space by selecting them with a right click and then "End task", to then reopen the game .
    • Reinstall the game and Vanguard.

    If nothing has worked so far this should solve your problem, here you will have to close the game and disable all the tasks related to the game from the Task Manager as we told you before.

    Uninstall the game and Vanguard in the same way as we did before with Valorant, and then open a dialog box by pressing the Windows R keys, where you will have to type "cmd" and press Ctrl Shift Enter and choose Yes when prompted.

    Then you will have to type "sc delete vgc" and press Enter.

    Then type "sc delete vgk" and press Enter to delete the services from the game.

    The next thing you have to do is restart your PC and install the game from scratch again, which should fix the error.

     This is all you need to know about how to fix Valorant not responding, we hope that our tips will allow you to fix the error without having to erase all the services, although if necessary the latter should eliminate the error when reinstalling the game.

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