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Today, we bring a guide telling you how to play Controller Agents in Valorant.

Why play Controller Agents in Valorant?

Because these agents are usually properly equipped with skills and therefore can help us in some areas of the map to move more easily, so it is vital to know How to play Controller Agents in Valorant because this mechanic tends to add more value in utilities of this game, having the controllers allows us to have a better composed team, we can have more value from the skills, this offers us to increase the chances of staying alive and making our team more apt to fight enemies that will be more limited to attack us.

How to play Controller Agents in Valorant?

There are 4 controlling agents, and they are: Omen: this is an agent that we can play with, and it has these qualities:

 It is usually similar to Camera because it tends to break stereotypes associated with classes, in the case of Omen it has offensive mentality skills, while Camera usually has defensive skills, so knowing How to play Controller Agents in Valorant, in the case Particularly from Omen, we must know that this usually includes two loads of cigarettes, these are very useful and allow its abilities to be positioned higher.

 Omen is an agent that has the hidden step and has the ability to take some unorthodox positions around the maps, he can manage to catch enemies who are off guard, he has flash abilities that allow him to clear some areas enough wide bomb sites, this allows both teammates to enter safely, with this game mechanic, Omen is an agent that can be played as a hybrid controller / initiator, there is the possibility of playing aggressively with the Wrapped Step and Paranoia in the case of defense, while we can use Dark Coverage in the case of doing it passively.

 Knowing How to play Controller Agents in Valorant makes it necessary to consider some particular tips from Omen, and they are:

  •  Choose to play more as a Starter/Duelist.
  • Make use of high ground whenever possible.
  • Use Paranoia to clear the way.
  • In the case of having Maximum Ability, it is possible to ask for the Spike and teleport when we consider the opposite bombardment necessary.
  • It is possible to use Dark Cover at the start of the round to take advantage of the cooldown.
  • Use unidirectional fumes.

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    Astra: this is another of the agents with whom we can play and has these qualities:

    This is a cosmic controller and quite a fearsome agent in the game, he is the third most chosen agent, he has control and range on the maps, he has the ability to provide assistance to teammates through his abilities, among which is place traps and fumes in different areas of the map and simultaneously.

    Knowing How to play Controller Agents in Valorant should make us understand that while it's true, Astra doesn't have the same range qualities that it had before because it tends to limit the ability to control space to sections of the map that are somewhat smaller, so that it is necessary to take care of configuring particular areas and focusing skills and traps on them, this allows us to execute attacks more efficiently, here communication with our colleagues is vital to do a more efficient job.

    It is good to know how to play Controller Agents in Valorant and when doing, so it is necessary to know some tips, and they are:
    • Choose to stay away and out of sight of enemies, because by entering the astral state we will be vulnerable, this applies when attacking or defending.
    • Playing as a Sentinel allows you to use abilities to block a site with bombs.
    • Save a gravity well for post-screen situations in the event of attacking.
    • Focus on blocking entrances to bomb sites if you are defending.

    Sulfur: this is another controller that we can play with, and it has these characteristics:

    This is an agent that has favoritism and usually has movement speed, this thanks to the Stimulation Beacon, it also usually offers a deployment of Sky Smoke in a faster time, but this is not here because it usually has a Very strong Attacker attack strategy that caused Riot Games to need to remove a charge from Stim Beacon to balance it out.

    Now that we know some characteristics of sulfur, it is necessary to know how to play Controller Agents in Valorant, specifically some Sulfur tips, and they are the following:

    • Avoid using Skysmoke simultaneously three times, it is possible to save it for later situations.
    • Playing as Sulfur allows us to make decisions and become a leader thanks to our abilities.
    • When defending, it's possible to wait for calls and visual confirmation before clearing specific areas on the map, so it's possible to avoid using smoke immediately when starting a round.
    • It is vital to learn Molly's ce, smoke and alignment setups.

     Viper: This is another controller that we can play with, it has smoke/wall abilities, it is possible to use the Toxic Screen to cover some good amount of space, it can be turned on and off according to our team plan, there is an opportunity setting up the Poisonous Cloud ability as a one-way smoke, this makes enemies think twice before pushing any bombs into the site, so knowing How to play Controlling Agents in Valorant allows us to focus on Viper because it is usually in a large part of the entrance to the site, we will be able to learn about the post-plantation, the configuration of the toxic wall, the alignments of the snake bite that usually favors attacks and defense.

     It is necessary to have some tips to play as a viper, so that we can apply them, and we detail them below in this guide on How to play Controller Agents in Valorant:
    •  We must learn the snake bite lineups to have the advantage.
    • Installing Toxic Wall is ideal because it allows bomb sites to be divided along driveways and turn lanes.
    • Avoid engaging in unnecessary firefights, it is better to play with our skills.

     It is vital to know that the controllers are underestimated agents by some players and this is terrible, because they can bring us a lot of value in any team composition, it will only be enough to learn some skills and get the full potential that they usually have.

    Now that you know How to play Controller Agents in Valorant, we invite you to play with them and get a better game.

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