2021-05-17 08:04:57

Valorant users have been wondering how to fix mouse freezes and clicks not working, which we will answer today.

What is mouse freezing error and clicks in Valorant?

This is an error that causes the mouse to freeze and clicks to stop working completely, which has appeared with the arrival of the latest game update.
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    How to fix mouse freezing and clicks not working in Valorant?

    The first thing you have to do is go to the game application> right-click on the application icon> select "Run as administrator" and when the game opens, move the mouse randomly anywhere on the screen.

    You can also go to your desktop settings> Properties> Compatibility.

    > find the game> click on Run this program as administrator> OK so that the game will run as administrator every time you open it.

    In the same way, the developers are already working on a patch that corrects this root problem or at least that is what should happen.

      If you have reached the end of this guide on how to fix mouse freezing and clicks not working in Valorant, we hope you have managed to correct this problem and can play normally as soon as possible.

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