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Below you can find everything you need to know about how to get stone buildings in Valheim.

What are Valheim stone buildings?

These are the ruins of a stone castle that can be found in the Black Forest biome when you hardly begin to explore it. This has made many users wonder how to get stone buildings, including us, so now that we know how to do it, we are going to teach you.

How to get stone buildings in Valheim?

One of the advantages of stone is that it is difficult for enemies to break compared to wood, but you must take into account for example that stone ceilings require more supports.
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    But before you can start building with stone you will have to make sure you have built a stonemason, the variation of the basic wooden workbench which cannot be updated like the Valheim Workbench, but can be interacted with in the same way, and also it has a radius within which you can build. Apart from the stonemason you will have to build a grinding wheel for a forge upgrade.

    You will have access to the stonemason from the swamp biome, after killing the Elder to obtain the Swamp Key, which will allow you to get the iron necessary to create this crafting station.

    To make a flowerbed you will need the following ingredients:

    X2 cast iron.

    X4 stone.

    X10 wood.

    When you have the stonemason, you can build from stone stairs, walls, pillars, floors and much more.

     We hope that this article on how to get stone buildings in Valheim, has been as useful as possible and you manage to build as many stone elements as you need.

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