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In the Valheim universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to beat the swamp biome and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about swamp biome in Valheim?

 It is one of the special places in the game, which we must explore for different reasons, here there are many poisonous enemies and one of the powerful bosses, it is important to extract some resources to progress, then to understand How to beat the biome of the swamp you have to take into account the orientation that will be presented in this guide, let's see.

How to beat the swamp biome in Valheim?

 Exploration of the biome: taking into account the need to explore the swamp, we must highlight a stone that allows us to find the silver mineral, it is a Wishbone, it is certainly something very useful, but we must be attentive to obstacles that will be on our way, as for How to beat the swamp biome it is possible to use some key strategies to achieve it and these are the following:
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    • With the hoe we can access safer paths throughout the swamp biome, thereby avoiding owls and receiving a lot of damage in Valheim.
    • Mead to resist poison, then honey x10, charcoal x10, thistle x5 and necktail x1 are required to obtain it.
    • Against the archer skeletons it is important that we have tower shields, considering that the bronze mace allows to kill the poisonous masses with one blow.
    • The use of stealth to avoid unnecessary confrontations that can cause us harm and this to go directly to the sunken crypt, because there is a necessary resource here such as iron to facilitate our progress through the biome.

     The Sunken Crypt:
    to access this place we must have obtained the key to the swamp, this place turns out to be a new challenge in Valheim, we must have adequate strategies to survive here, such as the fact of not having to eliminate the mud charra, For this we will use a small hole that allows through these to shoot our enemies, our confrontations being with less difficulty, to help we also have the fire arrows, which comes to be the weak points of the Blobs and Draugr.

     The boss Bonemass:
    the abilities that he possesses do not make the most dangerous, but he is capable of causing a poisonous miasma to be found in the air that causes destruction in its path, invoking skeletons, Blobs and Oozers as support, but being our objective understand How to beat the swamp biome, we have to follow the strategy in this case is to count as a weapon a club or Starbreaker when fighting with it, to have the necessary mead to resist the poison, because if not we will be lost for sure, before exploring the swamp you have to take into account all these aspects of survival.

     Knowing how to beat the swamp biome is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Valheim.

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