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In this Valheim guide, you will find everything you need to know about how to fix Items Disappearing error.

What is the Items Disappearing error in Valheim?

The truth is that this situation is nothing new, and it is that since it was released, the game has presented several errors, this one in particular makes the elements disappear from the game, among them the chests and even the buildings cannot be seen, for that today we will tell you how to correct the error of disappearance of elements.
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    How to fix Items Disappearing error in Valheim?

    The first thing we recommend you do is a backup of the game's saved files, to avoid loss of files, after making the copy you will have to press Alt F4 to end the game if you cannot find any structure.

    Once the above is done, you will have to access the game and make sure to verify the location of the missing files, and make sure you are not using Valheim Mods because this is one of the main causes of the error.

    Another option is to restore the game files that are damaged, for which you will have to access Steam> right click on the game> Properties>> Local> Verify game files to correct and restore the damaged files.

    As a last option, we recommend reinstalling the game and avoiding third-party modifications, in addition to exiting the game correctly.

     Now that you know how to fix Items Disappearing error in Valheim, we hope you can correct this problem and manage to access the game without any inconvenience.

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