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Uplay: How to Move Games

2021-01-07 08:17:20

This guide is perfect for everyone wondering how to move Uplay games, because it has got you covered.

What is the new Uplay tool.

The new tool is part of the new launchers these days, which have features that allow users to move their installed games to another installation location. However, the digital distribution service does not have this feature, making the job of moving games very difficult. That is why here we will explain how to move games in the simplest way.

How to move Uplay games.

To move games what you have to do is copy the game folder or move it to another location and verify the files.

So go to your Uplay launcher> Games> click the game you want to move> Properties> Open folder> copy the entire game folder> paste it to the location where you want the game to be> right click the Uplay icon in the bottom right and exit the launcher. Then you will have to remove the previous installation of the game and log back into the application> find the game> select Locate installed game> select the folder to which you have moved the game and the launcher will begin to verify the game files until it appears the play button and you can access the game from its new location.

 That's all you have to know about how to move Uplay games, remember that the method applies to three destinations, move to another PC, folder or drive. So we hope you can get the most out of it.

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