2019-02-04 22:40:46 > > Up to 12 XBOX One could be connected to Crackdown 3

Its developer Sumo Digital and also Microsoft have made a promotion about the cloud technology that Crackdown 3 handles, for them it has a meaning in the multiplayer part of said game. Clearly there will be a wait for it we are talking about a few weeks, to enjoy the PvP mode offered by Wrecking Zone in terms of action, the company Microsoft has become a little exaggerated in terms of their expectations about this product.

In a conversation with VentureBeat, clearly with the creative director of Microsoft Studios, Joe Satén, simply revealed some details and the meaning of this title, basically gave us to understand that it is an open-world video game in the power to run in 12 Xbox Ones.

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    "We are developing a Wrecking Zone, which we are planning to run Havok on Azure," Staten said. "We are developing a small experiment which consists of using an equivalent of 12 Xbox Ones, given the level of computing that shares these consoles in the cloud, which could also execute a destruction for the machine." This could mean that one day You can be in your Xbox Ones 4 years ago or Xbox One X totally new, but it will result in the same destruction experience on your platforms, since an Xbox One X has a 4K processor and an Xbox One in 1080p. It makes us think that it could be considered incredibly good if you own some piece of older hardware, although you could not enjoy the experience offered by Wrecking Zone, as it would look somewhat degraded. "

    Staten has also revealed that thanks to the cloud, it does not have any technical limits as to the size of the map, the mode or perhaps the number of users it could have. Since it offers a 5v5 mode, that mode is simply a design decision, not a limitation decision. Staten also says that depending on the cost has become a problem after a while, since running too many Azure servers could be too expensive and perhaps you will not bring any benefits.

    Staten also stresses that even when all the technology was developed, it had taken a while, since his team took a long time to discover what he does or what he does when using this type of technology (if he really complies with the capacity to destroy it absolutely. ) It may seem fun. That is, you have to use a complete design scheme, this could complement what technology is going to be.

    "(It would lead to the destruction of the cloud), it took a lot longer than they thought," Staten said. "Seeing everything from a completely different and more technical point of view, even after they wrapped their heads around that problem, they came to the conclusion that all this was fun and they obviously learned from the lesson, as well as in the counting of players or also in the session or game rules.

    Each and every one of them requires very thorough testing. In such a way that the multiplayer looks serious and has good coverage in what will be the PvP. Once you start destroying all your aesthetics in the arena, players would avoid relying on that fundamental rule for the game. Although they came up with the idea of ​​iterating, as well as making mistakes, reconstructing and thinking in the opposite direction for the video game. "

    We examine that the technology as well as the videogame go towards the cloud, now Crackdown 3 was a very challenging title. And very soon, for what will be February 15; it would be launching said game on all its consoles. There we will see if the title really would have been worth it.