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Find out how to impress Dana White in this excellent and explanatory guide to UFC 4.

What to know about Dana White in UFC 4?

Among the many routes that we must follow to reach the top in the game when we are in close-range mode, we have to make ourselves known before Dana White, this after we initially go through the hands of coach Davis and his advice to be The best, this after a setback in the debut of a fight, now we will come to the program in which there is the participation of many fighters like us and this is when we should know how to impress Dana White and in this guide those details will be presented.

How to impress Dana White in UFC 4?

The promoter will make an appearance in the ring if we manage to be victorious in the first 2 fights, this is because her objective is to find new fighters, so if we want to impress her we have to win in the third fight, but she will not be alone There, the notification that we will access will be once we complete the 4 fights, the notification tells us about the invitation or not to the series of the promoter Dana White, the best we can do is beat all the fighters of the 4 fights and so we will have a full guarantee in this regard.

  So we come to the end of our guide on How to Impress Dana White, hoping that you can get the best out of UFC 4, a fairly busy game.

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