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2020-08-12 10:19:25

Knowing how to do a takedown is a necessary activity when we are immersed in UFC 4.

What is UFC 4 4?

This is a game that only being in career mode offers us the opportunity to reach the top in the world of fighting, here we have the possibility of getting forceful blows that can be much more effective and this allows us to harm the opponents with a little more precision, we have a relationship system which is interesting because it allows us to establish relationships and this can in some way increase our reputation, we also have some novel scenarios.

How to do a takedown in UFC 4?

When we perform a takedown it is necessary to consider the possibility of moving the opponent away from the cage, since executing it through the walls of the cage is definitely difficult. Another aspect to consider is to execute it exactly at the right moment, for this we manage to get a failed blow that will make our opponent more vulnerable and that is where it will be necessary to take advantage of the right moment, to execute a takedown it is excellent to do it with a boxer and This is particularly due to the fact that he has a bit more punching experience with him.

Doing a takedown involves placing our opponent on the ground, this is easily done by pressing LT / L2 and X- / Square, now, we proceed to move the analog stick depending on where the opponent is knocked down and that's it.

 This is all you need to know about How to do a takedown, as it is definitely a fairly simple task that we can only perform in UFC 4.

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