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Our UFC 4 walkthrough lets us have some bonus players, let's see how to get Fury, Joshua, Lee

Why get Fury, Joshua, Lee in UFC 4?

  The first thing to consider is that these are nothing more than bonus fighters, they are actually the best players in the entire franchise, it is possible to unlock them in play even though this may take some time, but it is not wasted time since in the end It is worth it, this is particularly true for those who have not managed to request the bonuses in advance, being an option to unlock them and here we tell you how to get Fury, Joshua, Lee without major inconvenience.

How to get Fury, Joshua, Lee in UFC 4?

The first thing we must be clear about is that this method to unlock these fighters is simply free, and we can start our work in Career Mode specifically with a Savings Slot outside the main game, this is basically done to enjoy the game on our own. rhythm in such a way that it is easy to opt for the Custom Fighter to end the fight and with it officially get our race to begin.

Our work to know how to get Fury, Joshua, Lee allows us not only to opt for the Career Mode but it can be in Easy difficulty to be able to adapt to the style of play in UFC 4, which implies that it is possible to unlock these fighters without spend a lot of time, after having made this choice, it is time to move to the menu to get to the settings, where we see the game settings and from there to the advanced tab where we will finally have access to this game can become something simpler for us but complex for opponents.


  •  It is necessary to count on our opponent's resistance is deactivated, while ours is at the maximum.
  • Another change to apply is to make the CPU health disabled, and we have the option to increase damage.
  • Increase our speed to the maximum while that of our opponent is at zero.


 With the aforementioned adjustments, it is impossible that you cannot win all the matches in Career Mode, because the idea is to continue progressing, for this it is necessary to continue fighting constantly, there is also the possibility of winning next in such a way that you know how to get to Fury, Joshua, Lee is simply a simple challenge, that if considering that it is necessary to avoid some activities that may involve time and take us away from our goal, such as the media and even training sessions, because it allows us to enjoy of our own pace of play at UFC 4, as these bonus characters allow us to be the greatest.

 In general terms, knowing how to get Fury, Joshua, Lee allows us to simply become a legend in UFC 4

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