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Twitch: How To Fix Error 0495ba16 on PS4

2019-08-12 19:38:36

Twitch users have been wondering how to fix error 0495ba16 on PS4 and in this guide is the answer.

If live video game streaming is about, Twitch takes all the prizes. However, despite being the best known and most popular transmission platform of all, it is not absolved to suffer from occasional error from time to time. On this occasion, users have tried to correct error 0495ba16 on PS4 without effectiveness.
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    What is error 0495ba16 on PS4 of Twitch.

    It is a mistake that has been affecting PS4 users for several months, which has not yet been recognized by the developers of the live streaming platform, so the customer service really does not provide any help or solution to the respect.

    However, we have given ourselves the task of thoroughly investigating the error and have found some ways to solve it.

    How to fix error 0495ba16 on PS4 of Switch.

    Many users have tried to close the section and start again, however, they stated that this did not correct the error, others tried to delete and reinstall the application, but they also saw no solution in this regard.

    This is not a direct solution, but a momentary one, however, it will help you. What you have to do press and hold the left joystick up and quickly step on the X button to send spam to the login button for one or two minutes, this should fix the error at least for a while because you will have to repeat the same process every time you want to open the application.

    For this it is necessary to open the PS4 home screen and enter the Settings menus, then Share and transmit, Link with other services, then Link your account with Twitch and finally Log out to repeat the previous process.

    This is not the only solution that has solved the problem, there is another, however, it is a bit more complex than the previous one.

    The first thing you have to do is close the section on your PS4's Twitch account. Then from another device other than your PS4, you will have to open the web page of the streaming site.

    Find your avatar icon, go to Settings and then Connections where you will have to unlink your account on the PlayStation 4 streaming platform as if you were installing the application for the first time.

    We hope that our guide has helped you to correct the error 0495ba16 on PS4 and hopefully the Twitch people get to work quickly to find a definitive solution to this problem.