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Trover Saves the Universe: Where is the Doopy Dooper’s secret staircase?

2019-05-31 16:24:50

If you are in Trover Saves the Universe you surely know that it does not have many complications in the puzzles. However, if you already got Doopy Dooper, surely you must present the complication to find your ladder. This enigmatic being has a secret staircase that is mysterious enough to show where it can be found. This mystery makes the Doopy Dooper ladder puzzle a bit of a puzzle in Trover Saves the Universe, a bit complicated to solve. Due to these complications in the game, this guide presents some details that can be used to solve the puzzle of the staircase in Trover Saves the Universe and how to get a trophy.

Trover Saves The Universe gameplay: THE FIRST TWO LEVELS

The staircase of Doopy Dooper in Trover Saves the Universe: The great secret

The staircase that mentions the mysterious being Doopy Dooper has a great secret that is the reason why it turns out to be such a problematic puzzle in Trover Saves the Universe. This great secret is that there is NO STAIRS. Apparently Doopy Dooper only tries to trick you into getting you to move all your boxes without giving you any prize.

However, although when Doopy Dooper tries to deceive you, you do have a way to keep going, even if you do not say "where is the ladder". You just have to think a little different and use the boxes along with the ability to move them and if you do it right you can even get extra credits like a trophy.

How to move the boxes to get credits for giving help

When you start moving the boxes, avoid placing them in your other house with the basketball hoop especially if you want the trophy for your help. Avoiding this it is better to place the boxes near the edge, on the cliff that is on the right, just when Doopy Dooper opens the garage. In this sense it is necessary to make sure to throw them away from the house since if they are very close to the place you can get credit for helping.

How to stack the boxes to create the Doopy Dooper ladder

Since Doopy Dooper only wants to trick you into having a ladder to move your boxes, you just need to move and stack the boxes on the cliff to the right and direct Trover there. At this point you only need a couple with which to make a ladder high enough to jump on the ledge. The boxes that can work are one long and one short. Thinking and using the boxes in this way, you can turn out to be smarter than Doopy Dooper and solve the puzzle.

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