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Trover Saves the Universe Cheats For PS4

2019-06-12 19:47:26

Trover Saves the Universe cheat codes and codes for ps4

Find out what are the keys and deception codes for ps4 in Trover Saves the Universe.

If you are a fan of Trover Saves the Universe and want to know what are the keys and deception codes for ps4, then continue reading.

Complete each requirement to unlock the corresponding trophy. Below is a complete list with all the requirements and their respective deception codes.

Trover Saves The Universe Cheats Codes Tips & Secrets Archive

You will have to bounce a ball 25 times in the apartment.

cheating code: - BALL FUN TIME

Make a basket of BBall in the telepode.

cheating code: - BBALL IN THE BBALL HOLE

You made 10 baskets, now do 100!

cheating code: - Bet You Can not Make 100

Just let the two clones they discuss kill each other and then do not report it.

cheating code: - Clone on Clone Crime

Feed Gail's roommate in less than 5 minutes and do not waste your time feeding the poor.

cheating code: - Daddy Gotta Eat!

Escape to Doopy without putting boxes in the garage, since charity work is scarce.

cheating code: - Do not Get Dooped

You have the final update!

cheating code: - Final Upgrade!

Jump to the Trover in the Acid Lake 5 times.

cheating code: - Here's a damn trophy, now stop killing me!

You must witness Donny's death and then write an essay about it for your application to the university.

cheating code: - Here's Donny!

Collect the clone's DNA in less than 10 minutes.

cheat code: - Instant Clone Soup

Do not kill any villager.

cheating code: - It's A Video Game, Kill Something!

Listen to the full introduction of Pop Up and ignore the homeless man who is being murdered outside your door.

cheating code: - Jesus, Are You Still Listening To This?

Defeat Glorkon without being killed by anyone.

cheating code: - No Winners In This Game!

Kill all of Tony's pets.

Code of deception: - Pet Cemetery

Do everything. Now go preorder Trover 2.

cheating code: - Platinum Trophy (Thanks for your money suckers)

Repeat the game, instead of getting a real job.

cheating code: - Really? This Game's Not That Good

Glorkon mixed the world! Wait, do you get a trophy for that? It's just a cut scene. They did not do anything ... God, this is so silly.

cheating code: - That went well ...

You must collect all the Power Babies in the game.

cheating code: - The Ultimate Happy Ending

You have beaten the game! Now you can die happy.

cheating code: - Trover **** s the Universe

Kill all the villagers.

cheating code: - WE

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