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Total War: Three Kingdoms - How to spy on your enemies

2019-05-29 14:39:40

In Total War: Three Kingdoms you can spy on enemies, find out how to do it.

Total War: Three Kingdoms to be a game of tactics and strategies is normal to spy on other factions, all in order to sabotage the enemy and take advantage of that. If you want to know how you can spy on your enemies in Total War: Three Kingdoms, stay with us, because in this opportunity we will show you how to do it.

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    How to know which character is suitable to spy?

    You can identify it with an eye symbol next to its title range in your character list, plus you will need to have a spy position available, the first of which is unlocked in the second marquis's faction range. Although you can also unlock more spy slots while advancing faction range.

    Once you have the above, click on the secret network icon located at the top of the main screen of the campaign and send a spy or you can manage the activities of your spies.

    Dispatching a spy means freeing them from your service to choose a faction to infiltrate. Send the spy to seek employment in the faction where you intend to infiltrate and have the spy appear on the list of recruiting candidates of that faction. Since candidates of higher level and experience, are usually more likely to be recruited in the target faction. In case the target faction does not find its desired spy, you can review its progress from turn to turn by opening the secret network panel again and selecting the spy sent.

    The moment the target faction hires a sent spy, you can gain visibility on many of its details, such as: its employed characters, its commanders and their armies and more. In addition to acquiring new espionage actions. These are based on the creation of two spy-specific resources such as: coverage points and the secret network.

    Hidden network

    By sending a spy, you will begin to build a network of contacts, informants and other undercover assets, represented by the value of your faction's secret network. It should be noted that espionage actions cost hidden network points to carry out, the more advanced the action, the higher the cost.

    Coverage points

    As time passes, the infiltrator should try to establish more trust with those around them in order to build personal coverage points. The higher their coverage points, the more likely it is that the spy will successfully carry out the mission without being revealed. Each action costs some coverage points to execute.

    Revealed spies

    If by some action a spy is revealed, he may be executed by the warlord of the target faction or he may demand that they return to their original faction as a double agent. If that were the case, the warlord of the original faction will only know that the spy has been returned unharmed to his original service. However, a spy who has been revealed will never be able to spy on his original faction again.

    Spy actions

    Spy actions are divided into four categories, depending on the position to which a spy is designated in the target faction. And each action carries its own point of coverage and hidden network point cost. If a spy is recruited by the target faction, the actions of the nobles of the court will be available immediately. Such actions can be: drive the network of undercover of its own faction, steal, reduce the satisfaction of the character, influence the trade, etc.

    Actions of a spy administrator

    On the other hand, when appointing a spy as administrator of a command property of the target faction, the actions of this will begin to be available. What allows the spy to weaken aspects of the settlement and its garrison, playing a ministerial role in the court of the objective faction.

    General actions

    As for the general actions, they will be available when the spy is designated as general in one of the armies of the target faction. These actions have various options for sabotage against other armies in the target faction, inciting a military revolt and granting the property of the army of spies.

    Family subterfuge actions

    These are available when the spy is adopted as an heir or marries the family of the leader of the target faction. What allows the spy to improve the diplomatic attitude of the objective faction towards yours, being able to assassinate the heir of the objective faction or in some cases to his lord of the war.

    Against espionage

    Factions can increase the cost of coverage points or the cost of disguised network points.

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