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Total War Three Kingdoms Guide: All Characters

2019-05-27 21:22:05

Total War Three Kingdoms, is the video game of tactics in real time based on turn strategies, developed by Creative Assembly and released recently on May 23, 2019. To start your battle in Total War Three Kingdoms we have prepared a complete guide in the that we tell you all the details you should know about the characters, so that you know their skills, learn to increase their range and much more.

Total War: Three Kingdoms tips: Everything you need to know before playing

Total War Three Kingdoms Have 5 character classes:

The strategists.
And the Champions.


These characters are represented by the color blue, they can handle trade or commercial assignments, with an ability to drive the units of archers and siege weapons, they have a high level of tactics and obviously as their name practically says a high level in strategies thanks to its high cunning.

The Commanders.

These characters are represented by the color yellow, are excellent giving decent bonuses to the body to body, the cavalry, the opinion of factions and the income in the peasants through the focus on the satisfaction of the character

The Sentinels.

The gray color is the color that represents this type of characters of Total War: Three Kingdoms, its main role is to play defensively and stay in combat being in the front line of battle. They focus on the swordsmen and the armored infantry, while also the Experience statistic, which is discounts on construction costs and melee evasion.


Represented in red, they have an excellent handling in the cavalry of shock, besides being quite fast they are capable of bombing through the enemy lines. But his strongest point is in the Instinct Stat, the damage in melee combat and the discounts in hiring costs.

The Champions.

Represented by the color green. Characters difficult to overcome, represent a great apollo to the lancers and food production, in addition to having a good focus on resolution statistics.

How to increase the statistics of each character ?.

The more experiences you get with your characters, the more level you get, the level you can use to get certain special abilities unlocked.

You know that your character has risen in level because Total War: Three Kingdoms tells you with an up arrow in the lower left of his character portraits.

Right click on the character that has raised the level to display the panel of characters, then tap on "Skills" to unlock the same available. Each skill will have a color that corresponds to one of the attributes of the previous list and are very important to get special skills to use in battle or to increase the performance of your character.

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