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In Total War: Three Kingdoms, the armies play a fairly important role, the role of military incursions to other factions to expand your empire, capturing commanders defeating enemy armies and more.

Knowing the importance of armies in Total War: Three Kingdoms, obviously we'll need and want to know how to create an army, so we have prepared this guide to tell you how to create an army and a few more details of Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Building an army in Total War: Three Kingdoms

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    Create an army in Total War: Three Kingdoms:

    The first thing you should know to create a new army is to make sure you have not reached the maximum number of armies created active.

    Once you are sure of this, the next step to create an army is to select one of your cities, towns or counties and select the option that says "Raise Army" ".

    After selecting the option, the list of characters will be displayed so that you can select the one you wish to establish with the rank of commander of the new army. You can also recruit up to two more characters to lead more retinues in the army, and recruit units for those retinatas.

    If you've a general integrated into an army and you want to use it as an army leader, you can always promote him to leave the old army and be in command of the new army.

    Lui Bei starts the campaign as he only allows 1 army he needs to increase the range, to unlock the secend army slot or maybe some event will add a slot that has not yet played much Lui Bei side.

    If you want to increase the rank of your new army, touch one of the cities or the stores and you will have to look at the top of your bar to read the army of the army.

    Army cap in Total War: Three Kingdoms

    As we mentioned at the beginning before creating a new army in Total War: Three Kingdoms, first you must make sure that you have not reached the limit of armies created, keep in mind that you can only create a limited number of armies.

    To verify the number of armies created you'll have to move the mouse over your current rank in the faction summary panel.

    You can always improve this number if you manage to improve your faction. You can improve your faction by assigning managers to commanders and investigating certain reforms. Some character traits also provide an extra army cap.

    Characteristics of armies in Total War: Three Kingdoms

    The movement armies move at different speeds in the campaign map, this speed can vary depending on the position, but especially the type of terrain.

    Difficult terrains such as forests, deserts, mountains and river crossings will cost more action points to cross. Grasslands offer faster movement and even faster roads.

    The performance of your army can be better or worse depending on the amount of supplies you have, you can check the level of supplies in the military supply bar on the army panel. If the supply levels are high, your army will earn morale and replacement bonuses, but if the levels are low it begins to suffer an increasingly punitive punishment and moral penalties.

    You can supply your army with supplies in an allied command, the speed at which it meets is determined mainly by reserves in the command itself, which in turn is dictated by food levels throughout your empire. Negative reserves mean less supplies, but in general there are several factors involved in the supply of your army.

    If your army is in enemy territory it will begin to consume many more supplies, so you'll want to have been well supplied before. Staying for a long time in an enemy territory without resupply, as during a prolonged siege, can paralyze an army so you should be very attentive to these levels.

    The recruitment:

    In the army panel there is an option that says "recruit", this allows you to hire new generals and troops in the selected army to create new comitivas and populate the sequito with a couple of new units.

    To add new generals or troops to a group, you must click on the symbols to the right of the existing committees.

    When recruiting units in an entourage, you will choose from a list to which the general of that entourage has access according to his character class, in which you'll be able to see the cost of recruitment, meeting time and maintenance of each unit.

    The reposition:

    Units and characters killed during a battle can be restored by being stationed in the territory that belongs to you. However, if they are in enemy or neutral territory, the replacement becomes impossible.

    The military supplies, the characters and the population of the commander also have an effect on the restoration of health in the characters and units killed.

    When a unit is replenishing, you will see the green plus symbols marked on your unit card in the army panel. When ignored, the factors that contribute or hinder its replacement will be revealed.
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