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Top Apex Legends Streamer out for Scooter Accident

2019-03-14 11:03:50

Top Apex Legends Streamer is left out after suffering an Scooter Accident.

In previous weeks Michael better known as "Shroud" Grzesiek has managed to position himself in the Top Apex Legends Streamer.

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Shroud who is a former professional of the Counter Strike, managed to climb to the top thanks to the videogame of Battle Royale Apex Legend, developed by EA.

The streamer has managed to increase its popularity and recognition on the Twitch platform, achieving little more than 100,000 subscribers and almost 6 million followers.

But they say that the good does not last forever and Shroud had to give faith of this after suffering an unfortunate fall of a scooter.

Who managed to be Top Apex Legends Streamer, said that his accident could significantly alter his career, saying that he planned to give up a general push Ninja style because he only wanted to play until he died.

Shroud said via Twitter that: "Blame the scooter getting the surgery on my elbow today could be out of service for a while."

Michael is well known and loved on the Twitch platform, for his sense of humor and for having a very envied aim, so the players immediately feared that this would mean a possible withdrawal of the streamer.

But he reassured them by saying that the damage had been suffered by his left arm and he said: "Do not worry, the goal is still there, the movement could be a little slow as I recover".

His housemate Justin better known as "Justin" said that Shroud looked after his right arm in the same way that a guitarist would with one of his hands.

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Justin gave more details than the accident itself was saying: "He hit the brakes too hard and flew over the handlebar about 10 to 12 feet, on the asphalt."

"Now, being Mike, he is taking care of his right arm, he fell on his left arm, all his weight, he got a handful of rashes on the road from his hip to the middle of his thigh, everything is purple and blue all fucked up. His elbow, put a huge hole in his elbow, as I understand, pulled a ligament and removed a piece of bone elbow, so [the surgeons] need to enter and return to place the bone in the elbow.

Recently Justin said that Shroud was already in surgery, also showed some images of Shroud showing his thumb as a sign of positivity, as well as flowers and a health card of the fans of Shroud, where messages such as: "With love of all the communities that you have played with your fat cock "and" Get well soon, thanks for being the way you are ".