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Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Gameplay on Call of Duty Warzone

2020-08-14 09:09:08

Call of Duty Warzone came at the right time when people started to get bored with other battle royale games. This is a second try with a battle royale game from Call of Duty after the first Black Ops – Blackout edition.

However, since they have a different approach with Warzone, the game gained popularity, attracting millions of players and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

The competitive gameplay is unlike any other battle royale we’ve seen so far. This is why so many people turn for tips that will improve their playing skills.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the tips that will help you become a pro in Call of Duty Warzone.

1.    Always Check the Map Before You Drop

Where you land is a key variable for the start of your match. That’s why from the minute you cutscene of the cargo plane, you need to bring the map screen and see where the shrinking gas circle starts.
This will give you an idea of where most people will land, and from where you need to watch out as soon as you land. As your confidence grows, so will the tailor tactics before the start of your match. The best strategy is to aim for low crowded places where you can get the best loot and go on the hunt. But if you fancy chaotic gunfights aim for the place, you think that will be overly crowded.

2.    Drop Quickly

From the minute the match is live, the best chance for getting a good loot is arriving at your destination as soon as possible. As you drop from the cargo plane, you need to pop your parachute whenever you like to glide down slowly.
However, many people make the same mistake of releasing the parachute too early, which means they get into the battlefield later than most other players. When you turn out late, your enemies already have the loot, and there is one possibility of how things will turn out from that.

As you fall, poping your parachute, then cutting the cords will give you a short speed boost. This will allow you to get down more aggressively.

3.    Don’t Keep Your Cash for Too Long

Call of Duty has a slightly different approach from other battle royale games, where the cash you collect can be used for purchasing many things that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Sometimes it is hard to find any money, and other times you will be swimming in cash. Either way, you should spend your cash wisely and not wait for too long. The advantage from the UAVs or Cluster Strikes you purchase from Buy Stations is the only way you will win the match.

4.    Pick up contracts whenever you can

One of the best ways to earn cash is by finding contracts that are scattered over the map. There are five types of contracts: Bounties, Scavenger, Recon, Most Wanted, or Supply Run. You can earn up to $10,000 only by completing the mission from the contract. The best thing is that some of the missions are straightforward so you will achieve the goal only by playing normally.

5.    Stack your UAVs

UAVs are a very powerful tool that will definitely give you an advantage over your enemies. Even though the late-game many players will carry equipment that will make invisible to scanners, it is still the best way to create your tactics and expose your enemy positions.

Make sure you have your UAV at your disposal at all times. The UAV is cheap, and you can get it from the Buy Stations. You will be amazed by the amount of information you receive.

Final Words

These are some of the tips and tricks that will improve your gameplay in Warzone. However, just like the college football players from the NCAAF Odds & Betting Line, you need to improve your skills and don’t give up on the first obstacle. Following these tips and practicing your movement and shooting is the best way to become a pro in Warzone.

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