2021-06-16 20:57:19

Today we bring you a TikTok guide where we will explain how to get dynamic photo filters.

What to know about dynamic photo filters in TikTok?


It is a motion filter on the photos, making their faces look around, blink and even laugh, there are multiple uses for this interesting function, for feelings and even to pretend things that do not really happen, making up the photos in some way, but in short, regardless of the reasons why this function is used, it is ideal that we know how to get dynamic photo filters and in this guide it will be explained in precise details, let's see.


How to get dynamic photo filters in TikTok?

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    What we will do is open our application to log in, we have to search for Dynamic Photo to choose the filter in the effects, we will notice that there is a dynamic photo icon, by clicking here it is possible to test said effect, we can start the recordings of the photographed face that we have chosen to observe the magic that the effect does in this, we can then enjoy this function very easily.

    Knowing how to get dynamic photo filters is interesting because we can have fun with this amazing and entertaining feature in TikTok.

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