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This time we return with a TikTok guide, aiming to guide you on How to put your eyes and mouth on objects.

What to know about TikTok filters?

There are a series of effects that can be used in this video platform, being the face constructor the most popular, we can see that eyes and mouths are seen in the inanimate objects of the videos, for this is that the effect of Face builder, this allows us to put those gestures where we want, now it is ideal that we know how to put them and for this in this guide and the following content there will be the details, let's see.
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    How to put eyes and mouth on objects in TikTok?

    We have the effect on Snapchat and not directly on this platform, so we must have the Snapchat first, then what we will do is open our camera here, we click on the right of the record button to find the button corresponding to the effects and We press it, we choose to create and we search among the icons for the eyes and mouth, we can adjust the size of these until they fit correctly in the image, then we can record our video and save it to upload it to TikTok later.

      This is all we need to know about How to put eyes and mouth on objects, it only remains to apply what has been learned to continue the fun in TikTok.

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