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They Are Billions Zombies: Types of zombies - guide

2019-07-09 22:58:10

The amount of force of the zombies in They Are Billions, will depend on the level of their infection which can vary between 5 levels. We recommend you to start with the level of infection in the zombies of They Are Billions highest of all, this will allow you to adapt from the highest level and to be able to face the lower ones with greater ease.

Types of zombies in They Are Billions.

    The common ones, this type for generating always stays in big groups, they infringe a minimum damage and they are quite easy to kill, almost always it is enough with 4 attacks of the archer they do the work.

You will be able to find the groups by the empty plains.

  •     Tanks, these are the strongest zombies, they infringe a fairly minimal damage, but they are a bit more resistant.

These are often mixed with the common ones.

  •     The runners, their attacks are difficult to prevent, besides that they are capable of inflicting a little more damage than the previous ones, without mentioning their speed.

  •     The poison, as the name implies, these have the ability to shoot a jet of poison at the heroes and settlers, being able to reach several units with a single jet and producing a good amount of damage.

The harpy, to end this guy, we recommend using snipers. This type of zombies is quite powerful and is able to jump on the walls.

What are the swarms of They Are Billions.

The swarms of They Are Billions, are big ordas composed by several types of zombies which will appear during the battle, they will go directly to the center of the colony and if they manage to arrive the game will be over.

Swarms are divided into those that have a dash and random ones.

The scripts are identified by noting the change in the game's music and by a yellow skull that will appear on the mini map, plus a message will jump in which you can see the time and place of the attack.

While the random swarms are small groups that appear as the name implies, randomly after the second attack with a dash, so you can be a little more tempered.

Where to find zombies in They Are Billions.

These are located in settlements formed by buildings that can find large numbers of zombies, so we recommend you stay away if you do not believe you can fight against them and avoid creating problems. Although if you manage to destroy the buildings you can take a good booty.

If you believe you can with them, build about 50 archers and at least 20 soldiers. The archers will attack the zombies who leave the building while the soldiers will attack directly to the building.

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