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They Are Billions: How to defence the colony - Guide

2019-07-09 22:25:41

One of the most important and always present in They Are Billions, is that you will always have to defend the colony. Keep in mind that the towers can not shoot rocks and forests, so you'll have to be clever to defend the colony in They Are Billions.

But you have nothing to worry about, in our guide we will tell you how to defend the colony in They Are Billions in the most efficient way.

How to defend the colony in They Are Billions.

You can defend the colony by building quadruple stone walls and also defend the colony from several segments.

First place the Shock Tower in the first line of defense to take advantage of its short range, in addition, you can also take advantage of the Shock Tower and its high energy production to kill the weakest zombies and keep the strongest at bay. Although you can also change the priority of the towers by making them end up with the strongest zombies.

The strategic points in They Are Billions.

Take advantage of the strategic points to defend the colony in They Are Billions, this will allow you to build great defense fortresses for a remarkably low cost which will be of great help to save some money.

The path of the zombies in They Are Billions.

Keep in mind that zombies all the time take the shortest route to get to the colony, to know which is the shortest path uses the information that each olea of ​​zombies leaves you, this will help you to determine which is the path that They will most likely take it so that you can reinforce it in time and prevent them from arriving. For this you avoid using stake traps, these really are not as powerful as stopping paying for them.

Change the ballistas for executors as long as you have enough money to do so.

Whenever you can, build towers for your snipers and in this way have a better reach against the zombies and so relieve a little the work of the archers, which you can move to areas where the defense is costing more to lend support.

Use also the titans, thanks to their size and speed they are quite useful.

When the last wave of zombies approaches, it usually goes to the sides of the colony where the towers have no vision so you will have to move your chips to where they are heading.

Although if you move your chips the zombies do with them, you can pause and add walls quickly to increase the size.

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