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They Are Billions: how to combat - basic tips for playing

2019-07-09 22:07:53

Knowing how to combat  according to the type of unit is one of the most important things to achieve victory in They Are Billions. So we have prepared a list in which we will tell you the way in which you should use all the units and other details.

The units in They Are Billions.

When you start the game you are awarded 5 units for your defense in They Are Billions, these units are composed of 1 soldier and 4 rangers.

The most efficient way to use your units is to send the rangers to explore the place to get resources and stay alert to the threat of zombies, so you will then have to order them to mount surveillance on short portions of the borders of the colony in They Are Billions. We have prepared a list with all the units that are in They Are Billions and together with them we tell you how you should use them to get the best results.

List of units They Are Billions.

How to combat  with the Ranger unit.

This turns out to be the fastest unit of all, these are perfect for when you do not want to attract the attention of zombies. A negative point is that they produce very little damage so you will need to employ at least more than 30 rangers to get better results. Each unit is capable of killing a zombie using only four shots.

How to combat  with the unit Soldier.

As is the fastest unit, there is also the slowest unit of all, it is the case of the Soldier unit, they also have a very short range, but double health. Although, even so, we do not recommend it to you.

How to combat  with the unit Sniper.

This is the unit that causes the most damage with its attacks. It has a fairly high range, and more health points than the previous unit. It is an incredibly good unit, however, they are a bit limited to being a bit slow, but it is not an impediment to make it one of the best units.

How to combat  with the Lucifer unit.

Despite having a flamethrower with a high rate of health regeneration, it can not attack behind the walls, it is a unit that is too slow and with a very short range, so we do not recommend it much.

How to combat  with the Thanatos unit.

Its only negative point is that it has a low level of health, however, it is tremendously good in hand-to-hand combat and defense.

How to combat  with the Titan unit.

This is the most expensive unit of all with a price of 2000 in gold. Its rate of fire is very good, it has a very good speed, very resistant armor and have a very good level of attack and defense.

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