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They Are Billions Guide: Mission 02 - The Last Bunker

2019-07-10 17:49:07

In They Are Billions in addition to completing The Hidden Valley mission, you will also have to complete the mission called The Last Bunker, considered the first tactical mission in They Are Billions. Where you must control the selected hero at the beginning of the campaign. If you want to know more details about the mission The Last Are Billions bunker, then continue reading.

How to unlock The Last Bunker in They Are Billions?

The mission The last bunker you can unlock as soon as you have completed the mission The Hidden Valley in They Are Billions, which we explained in a previous article.

The last bunker of They Are Billions has as main objective the following:

1. Achieve the purpose of the mission: artifact mission.
2. The hero must leave the fortress alive.
3. Get items of value to the Empire (points: 120), although this goal may be optional.
4. Get old technology (points: 200), this is also optional.

Home of The Last Bunker - They Are Billions

In They Are Billions when you start the mission The last bunker, you will realize that you will not have access to the expansion of the base and that all the action has been moved to closed spaces. Then you will see yourself controlling the hero you selected at the beginning of the campaign: Calliope or Caelus, to enter into interaction with the automatic doors to open them.

In addition to this, you should know that you will find some infected ones, which you will have to eliminate before interacting with two file cabinets located next to the entrance, action that will generate 30 Science Points for each one. Then, you must click on the two books located on the tables to get 20 Empire Points for each one. Afterwards, head to the downed cabinet in the east corner of the room to get 20 Piece Points. Enter the room through the northern doors, to kill the enemy that lives there and interact with a backpack located in the corner of the room to get 20 Empire Points.

Then enter the room to the southwest and interact with the medical kit that is against the wall, once you get it, its activation restores the health points of the hero and closest allies. Use trenches when you fight with opponents in this room, as these will slow down your movement. Go to the next room, where you will find just behind the door, another object for interaction, that will reward you with 30 Science Points.

Enter the corridor and direct your gaze towards the two soldiers so that they can join you, since they will help you to complete the mission. The last bunker of They Are Billions. Go to the next room and select the attack option to fire the cannon and thus eliminate the entire group of undead. Get a total of 40 Empire Points when interacting with the 4 barrels placed against the wall of that room.

Go into the other room and place the unit under the barricade, which will allow you to shoot, while keeping the infected. Finish all the enemies and go to the end of the room, specifically at its western end, where you will find a chest that will give you 30 Science Points, while on the other side, there will be an object similar to a large washing machine, which will will reward with additional Science.

Go through the east gate and kill the enemies. After that, he begins to collect objects. At the table, next to the entrance, you will find golden wives that will grant you 30 science points, next you will get another medical kit, and next to it, an object similar to a washing machine, with which you will get 30 Science Points.

Consider that these are the last two additional items to collect. Located at the southern end of the room, you can find the objective of the mission The last bunker, that is, the artifact of the Mission. All you have to do is pick it up to complete the main task. Leaving only to return to the starting point and interact with the stairs to complete the stage.

Important fact about the mission The last bunker - They Are Billions

When completing the last bunker mission, new missions will not be unlocked, at least not for the time being.

What to do with the science points obtained from the mission The Last Bunker - They Are Billions?

With them you can unlock two new technologies:

1. Logistics.
2. Gold delivery.

With the first you can increase the volume of raw material reserves by 20, while the second will make each train arrival deliver 200 gold.

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