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They Are Billions Guide: Mission 01 - The Hidden Valley

2019-07-10 17:33:38

Find out everything about The Hidden Valley in They Are Billions: Mission 01.

The first mission of the story campaign in They Are Billions is now available. This is The Hidden Valley, a mission that serves as a tutorial, where the game will tell you what are the new mechanisms or constructions that you must build step by step. Therefore, this time we will be explaining the tutorial of the Hidden Valley mission, as well as some tips from They Are Billions.

How to unlock The Hidden Valley in They Are Billions?

The Hidden Valley mission is available from the start of the game They Are Billions. In this mission you have as main objective the following:

  • - Remove all infected
  • - Population of the colony: 300.
  • - Survive the attacks of all the hordes.

Home of The Hidden Valley - They Are Billions

The Hidden Valley begins with a survival stage. Where you will have at your disposal the following:

  • - 4 Rangers.
  • - A Command Center, which you must protect.

The first thing you should do is upload 3 tents and explore the area around the start site, making use of the available units. Keep in mind that in the next few minutes you will be safe, because you will not face any attack, so do not be afraid.

Once you get the gold, you must build the fisherman's cabin. What you have to do is place it in the water and the hunter's cabin in the forest. Build additional tents, making use of other resources. Guide your Rangers to the southwest corner of the map and clear the rock deposit in your path, then proceed to kill all the undead that will be located in a niche among the rocks, where you will find a food package with 20 pieces. Once you've got the next batch of gold, you'll have to build a sawmill next to the trees. You can use a possible excess of gold in stores.

By gaining more resources, you must build the Tesla Tower located to the southwest of the base. To do this, you should head towards the newly discovered stones. Complete the construction of the tower, and start the construction of another, to then place a quarry with the aim of producing 4 stones. Send Rangers to erase the entire western part of the map. Then place them in the north, right in a niche between the trees, near the railroad, because at this point the infected will reach your base.

Once the above is done, you will have to fulfill your next goal in The Hidden Valley, which consists of reaching a population of 300 points. The first thing you will need is to increase the range of your base with the help of Tesla Towers to build as many Hunter Huts as possible, but remember the mills that generate electricity.

On the other hand, do not forget to raise the Soldiers Center, to obtain the necessary amount of raw materials. From that moment, you will have to train new Rangers continuously. Once you collect enough resources, you will have to build another building of this type. Remember that it is very important to have as many combat units as possible until day 22. You can send a squad of 10 Rangers to clear the northern part of the map, which is just where you will find lots of additional raw materials.

When you reach the 20th, you must prepare fortifications. To do this, you must stretch the base in the northwest direction and generate 2-3 lines of defense with 2 rows of walls. Leave a space of 2-3 squares between the lines, to be able to adapt to the recruited Rangers.

Once the above is done you will have to scatter all your units there and wait until the final attack of the undead, that is, until day 22.

When you have completed The Aredenions Hidden Valley mission, three new ones will be unlocked:

  • The Last Bunker.
  • The Hunter's Meadow.
  • The Crossroads.

It should be noted that the order to complete them will depend on you and your abilities.

Also, after completing The Aredenions The Hidden Valley mission, you'll get enough scientific points to unlock new technologies.

New Campaign Mode! The Hidden Valley Mission - They Are Billions

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