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The Witcher 3: Where to Find Red Mutagens

2020-01-09 09:15:11

Having knowledge about where to find red mutagens is an important activity in The Witcher 3

What are red mutagens in The Witcher 3?

  Well, these are some extremely necessary and quite complicated resources to get, because with the hunting of some monsters we can get them, it is important to be clear that these can be grown in many places of The Witcher 3, so here we will tell you exactly where to find red mutagens

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    What are the best monsters that have red mutagens in The Witcher 3?

     Before moving on to our main objective, which is where to find red mutagens, it is good to know what monsters they have, because they are the only ones that release them and are really quite difficult. 3

    •  Drowned
    • Some
    • Arachas
    • Job boards
    • Eaters
    • Ghouls
    • Nekkars (Warriors)

     Devourers are monsters a bit difficult to handle because they contain an explosive end, therefore it is possible to lose a considerable part of health, as they exploded before dying in combat.

     Cottons are also difficult but they can be mastered by using an Axii spell in order to lower the armor, only this way it works, there is no other way.

     The drowned are strong therefore they must be avoided until finally reaching Skellige.

     The Arachas, Nekkars Hags, Demons are quite strong monsters, because there is a possibility that a red mutagens will fall from them, if we place it in comparison to the first 2, only we can find them more often.

    Where to find red mutagens in The Witcher 3?

     Here we just need an effort to achieve our goal, so we see what are the locations where we can achieve them.


     This is one of the places where we can observe some of these monsters, because we are presented with the possibility of demolishing some devourers who are together and with them there is an Alghoul, first knocking down the group to proceed with the Alghoul, it is important to be clear that although we knock them down there is the possibility that this group may reappear again, because being trusted here does not work. In this same town of Toderas en Velen we can get drowned in an area called Redgill, these subjects can also reappear and to do this if it is simple, because we will only have to mobilize outside the area with the goal of traveling to another world that makes them appear again, so with them it is possible to get even a resource, in this same town in a sector called Crookback Bog, there is an orphanage south of this we have the possibility of getting the Arachas.


    this area covers certain spaces one of them is Redgill, here it is necessary to go to the area directly, on these sides our job is to kill the monsters, because it is there where we find Drowned and then tele transport them to Velen, and return again to Redgill with the mission that these monsters can spawn, they can drop some red mutagen during the process, another place to get them is the whale graveyard, if we fail to make them reappear, we will simply meditate for 24 hours and try again to collect more resources

    We can put an end to our The Witcher 3 guide, where we go through some places with the aim of knowing where to find red mutagens

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