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The Witcher 3 Switch: Monster Weakness List

2019-10-15 18:14:26

In this guide we will tell you which is the Monster Weakness in The Witcher 3.

What is The Witcher 3?

This is the name of the RPG developed by CD Projekt RED and distributed by Warner Bros, the video game was released on May 19, 2015 and since its launch has won a lot of awards as Best RPG awarded by The Game Awards in 2015.

It's a pretty interesting game in which you'll have to deal with some pretty powerful monsters. So we've prepared for you a guide in which we tell you the Monster Weakness of the game to make things a little easier.

What is the Monster Weakness in The Witcher 3?

We were able to gather very interesting and detailed information on the weakness of monsters in The Witcher 3, and we have them all, all the monsters and then we will tell you some of their characteristics and naturally their weaknesses. What is the Monster Weakness Dogs in The Witcher 3.?

The first in our guide of Monster Weakness in The Witcher 3 are the dogs. This type of monster is kept almost all the time in herds in search of some old, lonely or drunk victim. They are quite fast creatures but this is offset by their clumsiness.

You can repel them with an Aard sign to allow Geralt to recover.

Don't be confused when we say they are clumsy, as they can do a good amount of damage easily with their quick bites.

Their biggest weakness is beast oil, it can be found all over Velen, Skellige and Novigrad and when they die they can drop raw meat or dog tallow.

What is the Monster Weakness Lobos in The Witcher 3.?

Relative to dogs, wolves can be found in the land of the Northern Kingdoms in packs of up to twelve creatures at most. The wolves are a bit stronger than the dogs, they are also quite fast creatures, their attacks are well coordinated attacking from all sides. Although they still have a low rank with respect to many dangerous beasts of the world. Although if they are controlled by Leshens they become much more dangerous.

Your wolf protection tool is Igni or Aard, which will allow you to recover a bit.

Its greatest weakness is the oil of beast, it can be found in Velen and Skellige and when they die they can drop wolf skin, white wolf skin, wolf liver, dog fat or raw meat.

What is the Monster Weakness Noonwraiths in The Witcher 3.?

The midday spectra are creatures that you don't usually see after sunset and if you find them after sunset, they will be much easier to kill.

Sunlight allows them to become much stronger. It can hide in a non-corporeal form which gives it greater protection against attacks.

These monsters have the ability to create shiny copies of themselves that kill those close to them. You can bring back these creatures you'll have to use moon dust bombs or the Yrden sign to defeat the doppelgangers and force the Noonwraiths back into the physical world.

Their greatest weakness is lunar dust and spectral oil, they can be found in no-man's-land, white garden and when they die they can drop midday light essence, spectrum dust, spectrum essence, midday mutagen, infused dust, amethyst dust and emerald dust.

What is Monster Weakness Griffinsen The Witcher 3.?

This is one of the first bosses you'll have to face, as well as being one of the most dangerous hybrid creatures in the world.

This creature is half eagle and half wildcat, is viscous, fast and possesses incredible strength, one of its most lethal attacking tools are its claws. These creatures can be found in flat areas such as Velen and White Orchard.

Your protection tool against these monsters is your crossbow which you can use to shoot directly at their every time they throw at you and the Igni.

Beware of their roaring stunner, their bites and their cutting blows as you fight this beast. Try to avoid any of its attacks and by dodging it attacks its weak points.

Their biggest weakness is Grapeshot, Hydbrid Oil, Aard, Quen, can be found in the desert around Oxenfurt, Skellige, Velen and White Orchard and when they die they can drop a faucet egg, faucet feathers, faucet mutagen, infused powder or raw meat.

What is Monster Weakness Bears in The Witcher 3?

Although there are several species of bears in the game, the way to fight them is the same in all.

They have huge claws on their forelegs which they will attack you with so stay alert, it also has a lot of vitality and a crushing force.

Your combat tool for this monster will be the Silver Sword and the Signs Quen, Igni and Yrden.

When the bear rises on two legs you will have to get as far away as you can and cover yourself well because by dropping its other two legs, it will produce a force that knocks down anything.

His greatest weakness is Weaknesses: Beast Oil, Quen, Igni, Yrden, can be found in every important desert area in the world and when they die they will drop bear fat, bear skin, white bear skin or raw meat.

What is Monster Weakness Ghouls in The Witcher 3?

Demons are evil spirits who take advantage of the shallow depths of tombs in war to feed on the corpses of the game. They feed in small groups and their nests can face a sorcerer against four or more demons so it is very difficult to find them alone making the fight against them complicated.

The best strategy will be to weaken Geralt to catch the demon with the guard down, use Quen to repel a little attacks and Yrden Sign to slow them down and move away if you can not with them. Try to be calm with your attacks so that the other demons do not tuck you in with their power of blow, try to eliminate first those who are closer to open the field and continue with the rest.

Their greatest weakness is ghoulish oil, as we have already mentioned, they can be found where there is a lot of death and rotten flesh and when they die they will drop ghoulish blood or poison extract.

What's the Monster Weakness Drowners in The Witcher 3?

This is another of the monsters you will find most in the game. They are usually found in groups of three or more individuals and in this same way attack. they are quite weak enemies for the Igni sign, and are quite susceptible to being set on fire by the spell.

One of the best attack maneuvers against this monster is when you are surrounded, we recommend launching the Yrden Sign to slow them down and send a beam of flames with Igni in the middle of them to set them on fire.

The claw attack is one of the most common of this enemy, it is not complicated to evade, but it becomes a problem when several of these creatures do it at the same time.

When these creatures start to bury themselves it's because they have a prey in their sights, this gives you the opportunity to jump on them and hit the ground to hurt them, opening a window of a few seconds to launch several attacks.

Their greatest weakness is ghoulish oil, Igni, which is often found on battlefields, places with large numbers of corpses and shallow graves where the flesh has been left to rot. They also like to make nests near water and when they die they can drop drowned brains, drowned dead tongue or water essence.

Now that you know what Monster Weakness is in The Witcher 3
, we hope you can finish them all much more easily. Remember that we have a lot of interesting content on this and other titles that we recommend you to check to keep always up to date with your favorite games.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Action role-playing
CD Projekt Red
CD Projekt
REDengine 3
Release date:
19 May 2015

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