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We continue the march in The Witcher 3 in this opportunity we present for you a guide on How to obtain gold

 In this game we are presented with a very important activity and it is How to obtain gold, but this simply should not be so complex due to the amount of bandits that we can use, because they can be useful to get money and crowns, because people like this can Get virtually anywhere from The Witcher 3.

How to get gold in The Witcher 3?

 First we start talking about the fact that the activity about How to obtain gold is simply to be the owner of the Blood and Wine DLC, therefore an important activity here is to kill the enemy bandits that are located in the Hanse base, here we will eliminate even the leader of said camp, and when this happens immediately the Toussaint Knights enter the place, keep in mind that in this DLC we can get 3 camps, so if your thing is combat, you have simply reached the ideal place.
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    Why cultivate Hanse fields in The Witcher 3?

     The Hanse camps have many elements to whom we must eliminate, in addition to looting everything there, which obviously we will then sell to a blacksmith or a merchant, so that with this sale we can collect at least about 1000 crowns, which means that know How to get gold, if we have any luck suddenly much more than that amount, after that sale we return to the camp, and repeat this process as many times as we consider it, because this bloody fight leaves us a lot of money.

     In this DLC we get 3 camps, it is good to go to the one located in the northeast of the Arthach palace in The Witcher 3, because this camp has its leader removed from the other elements, obviously we will not kill him by accident, once we enter this camp we perform our thugs and looting elimination work, because this is a comfortable place for us, and this gives way to letting us accommodate what is our goal on How to obtain gold

     To defeat the bandits of this palace we must make use of some important skills, as well as make use of some interesting elements, since the enemies really are a considerable amount, so here we leave a small list of what elements we can use.

    •  Hangman's poison oil.
    • North wind bombs.
    • Ability to turn, this is vital.
    • Lightning Potion
    • Potion to swallow.


     How to eliminate bandits from the palace in The Witcher 3?

    The enemies that we get in this camp tend to go towards a pyre that is at the base with the aim of burning it, because it makes the enemies multiply against us, this is where we know How to get gold take us to take Interesting decisions, then, here we will choose to shoot the bandit or not using the torch, or we can simply let it run, because it simply leads us in an exceptional combat, shooting it with a crossbow beam could be feasible to turn it over, or fall even when we have to pass on other enemies, but this loses the bloodthirsty emotion with which this DLC develops.

     The option that we choose in one way or another will be feasible for us, since the objective will be the same only changes is the strategy to use, once this is done we will go to the center of ruins, looking to go north in order to reach the pyre with our chest on top, an important element on How to obtain gold, after arriving there we will turn to face a group of thugs, who come to where we are sincerely since it makes the panorama tends to become more attractive, because this type of fight keeps us extremely energetic throughout The Witcher 3

    What can we do to kill the bandits in The Witcher 3?

     We can apply all the strategies and skills we have with us

    •  Swirling skill: it is a very interesting option, since with it we can go through them, because we have the opportunity to take down a considerable amount of enemies, which in many cases can be superior in level to us at some moments of combat.
    • Hangman's Poison: we can place a quantity on our backs, this serves for the swirl causing lethal damage.
    • Aard's spell: this is viable to force everyone to get out of the way, as this will give us a little more time to recover, as the fight continues, and we cannot fight halfway.


     In this instance it is possible to have eliminated dozens of enemies, here we will loot the corpses, as well as the containers that are in the camp, we place everything we get in a backpack, and we will go out avoiding at all costs to climb the stairs, remember that the implements that we carry here will be very useful, because as we know we have an objective and this implies knowing how to obtain gold, metal that is obtained when selling these looted items. On the other hand, turning around when we are in the middle of the crowd is not an option, since we could become stabbed, obviously that is very complicated, let's just slowly take a fight that we can control from leaving The Witcher 3

     With our backpack filled with the objects and items that we have looted we only have to go with the blacksmith or a merchant, to get to them we will use a quick trip from the new Lookout Post, because that is where we get money, we get experience because there We have eliminated some extremely powerful enemies, after that if we can go back to the palace, because by bequeathing we can realize that they have come back to resurface implying in this way that we can carry out the fight again as at the beginning.


    So, we can end our The Witcher 3 3 guide where we explain everything you need to do here about How to get gold. Luck.

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