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The Witcher 3: A Towerful of Mice Quest - Tips and tricks

2020-01-15 06:21:04

We have this guide of everything we need to know about a tower full of mice in The Witcher 3.

In The Witcher 3 we will have missions that will be heavy, in the same way that in many games, there is moment where we have to study the depths to solve it, the mission a tower full of mice is the one that we have to face, for it we will have the support of this article, in which the guidelines to follow are given, for it we will continue ahead.

What should we know about the mission a tower full of mice in The Witcher 3?

Starting from the moment we meet Keira Metz, we will have available this search, with it we will make the trip to the elf ruins, when we are invited by Keira to visit her, we will have access to the information about the cursed Fye Island, which will trigger a tower full of mice, in this search we have to take into account the object that is involved in this one, we are talking about a magic lamp, using the waypoints we will be able to make the trip to Fyke Island, we are going to use a bar code, which needs us to get there, in the mini map these ships are marked with symbols in The Witcher 3.

How to use the magic lamp in The Witcher 3?

In this mission of a tower full of mice we have to do many things and this is one of these, once we arrive to Fyke, we have to be careful with the Nekkers, Ghouls and several other monsters that they have patrolling, our first port of call, is to approach the tower and we will use the magic lamp to listen to the stories of the 7 ghosts, from the quick access menu we will use L1 LB in the console that we have and Tab in the PC, to equip us with the magic lamp, to activate it we have to use the button of quick element, this is the R1 RB for consoles or in the PC it will be the central button that has the mouse, to activate it is necessary to know that the one to listen to the ghosts is optional but of doing it we would gain additional XP.

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    The green spheres will be necessary if we want to find the ghosts, in the surroundings of the tower it is possible that we find these and later with our lamp we can activate them, in the tower outside we will find 2, one will be in the entrance to the right and the other we have that it is in the ends south of the yellow circle that is in the map, within the walls there is one, behind the tower to be more exact and inside the same tower that will be the 4 remaining, already inside the tower and we have ascended to the 5 levels it has or even more, we will arrive to a room which seems to be the last one, but we will know from Keira the existence of a secret passage, it will serve us to find a laboratory, to open the passage we have to use our sense of witch in a tower full of mice.

    The lever on the wall leads us to enter the laboratory, once we are inside, we will meet Annabelle, where we will know her story, after this will be our decision to make, if we trust her we have to take her bones with Graham or simply go against her, if we take the bones with Graham it turns out that this causes a disease which will be spread to another town, if we attract Graham it will be the best idea, they would both die in peace, the decision of which option is better is up to us but a simple view seems to be the second option.

    In case our decision takes us to challenge Annbelle, we will have to face her, being a specter we must use Yrden or the ideal oil so that we can succeed in hitting her, it doesn't matter what we choose, once we leave the tower, we must visit the town of Oren, in this way we will find Graham, his return to Fyke will depend on whether we get him to a coordinator or we will use Annabelle's bones, the history of his course automatically, if we return with Graham we will have to kill 2 spectres on the way back to the tower.

    This article is finished as well as its content, being about a tower full of mice in The Witcher 3, hoping that our readers can have this explanation to help.

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