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The veteran Mat Piscatella creator of the PS5 announced in 2019 a new Xbox according to an analyst.

2018-12-02 23:08:13

The well-known analyst Mat Piscatella believes that the new generation of consoles this information shared on Twitter, saying that the creators of. PS5 and Xbox Scarlet will present for the next cycle of consoles for 2019. The same analyst explained weeks ago that both consoles of 2013 would already be finding difficulties to succeed if not for "PS4 Pro, Continue to report "I anticipate that PS4 and Xbox One will start to flop next year, as well as the announcement of the next-gen (whatever it may be)", says Piscatella, strong Fortnite phenomenon, the impact of games as a service " and other eventualities that stretch the duration of the current generation.

Continues saying Piscatella in his twiter; that predicts a good impulse for Nintendo Switch in its third year of life, although it doubts that the generation will last much longer. Presumably, if PS5 and the next Xbox are announced in 2019, they will arrive in stores by 2020 at the latest.