2018-12-02 22:55:00

One of the most demanded and desired online options by Pokémon GO users and players could soon reach the title. This is the much anticipated PvP mode or player versus player in the form of Pokémon battles, this is one of the most classic options of the series and that to date has not been able to be carried out in the app.

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    The implementation of PvP would generate that 2 players have to be physically present for the creatures to fight in the system in turns under their decisions and strategies.

    Anne Beuttenmüller, marketing director of Niantic EMEA, stated the following for the Polish magazine Gram: "We are now working in the PVP mode, which will appear soon, and we are still working to improve the function that just debuted, it is about friends, like the possibility of exchanging Pokémon in the game. We are constantly improving the elements that we have available in the game, and the next thing we want to add later this year is the PVP mode. " This confirms the rumors of the arrival of combats between coaches at the end of this year.