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Delve into the universe of The Medium, because today we are going to tell you how to refill your Spirit Energy.

What to know about spirit energy in The Medium?

  It is the most important resource to deal with the spiritual world in the game, it is the engine of 2 skills, so it requires knowledge about how to refill your Spirit Energy and here in the next text the explanation is presented, let's see.

How to refill your Spirit Energy in The Medium?

  We must find the spiritual wells that emanate a white light from them, when we approach we have to press the A of the Xbox to absorb the spiritual energy until our meter is full, noticing the success of it when we see that Marianne's arm is glowing white Thanks to this spiritual energy, we can use the medium powers that the character has, these being the spiritual blast and the spiritual shield, the blast is used by holding down the right trigger.
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    The energy consumption by this is half the meter, you have to keep it pressed until you notice that the meter is almost without energy and when releasing the trigger a large amount of powerful energy is released that allows you to face the enemies and the solution of.

    In the spirit world the blast allows us to restart the power generators, in the same way as in the real world, now the spiritual explosion helps us in the confrontation with the jaws, being effective if they catch us causing it to dissipate the energy wave and release us, but as long as we have enough spiritual energy we can do it, otherwise if it catches us without energy we are dead, with the right button of the bumper we can use the spiritual shield, which will create a wall of light around us, managing to move through the moths, avoiding the damage they cause, the drainage of spiritual energy is slower, but always re you have to pay attention to the meter.

    Finally, now that we know how to refill your Spirit Energy we can move on in The Medium.

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    28 January 2021
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