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We continue our journey at The Medium and this allows us to pause to tell you how to find the razor blade

What is the razor blade in The Medium?

  It should be noted that this is simply a necessary resource in this game, as it is vital to complete some actions, so knowing how to find the razor blade simply arises as a fundamental activity, since specifically this is vital for a particular activity such as is to cut the wall of skin that blocks the way.


How to find the razor blade in The Medium?

Our work begins at the Niwa hotel, because there it will be necessary to go up to the second floor, then we must move through a corridor where we find a considerable amount of moths, due to the large number there is no better task than to avoid them and for this it will be vital to make use of the spiritual shield.
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    Once we manage to move forward, we are allowed to enter the spiritual world where we have a very important activity to perform and that is to get the "Odd key", since this serves in the real world to open the door that is located on the other side of the hall, which allows us to use it inside the room and continue to where the bathroom is located on the left side, here we will see a hole in the floor inside the room, for which it is necessary to take care of using the “Insight” skill and getting to interact with it.

    Our next move consists of dropping to get to another new area and taking care of other tasks, such as interacting with a book because this allows us to have the possibility of rebuilding memory, here we open the way to a scene and as soon as it manages to finish we take care of going to the terrace to re-enter the spiritual world, this triggers a scene again, which makes us having to go to the bathroom and take care of emptying it, because it will be here where the blades we are looking for are, we just take them, we return to the normal world, we take care of cutting the skin wall and voilà, task done.

    Now that you know how to find the razor blade, it is time to perform this quest that takes us in and out of the worlds on a regular basis in The Medium.

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    Psychological horror
    Bloober Team
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    Unreal Engine 4
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    28 January 2021
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