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We invite you to discover How to escape the Maw, a new task in The Medium.

What to know about the Maw in The Medium?

  This is one of the biggest problems that we will face in the game, this creature is capable of chasing us during some specific segments throughout the campaign, in these moments we must avoid it, and it is by escaping from the room where we are, this creature It has a characteristic to highlight, it is able to use the voice of Troy Baker and the behavior depends on the subject and spiritual world, now it is ideal to understand How to escape from the Maw and that is what is included in this guide below.
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    How to escape the Maw in The Medium?

    It is possible that we are tracked and seen very easily if we are in the spiritual world by this creature, so we must be attentive to its movements, once we have its line of sight we must make sure we are out of it, we can also see the Maw in the spirit world in The Medium, which can be of great help to visualize the patterns of their movements to evade them later, now if it is in the material world that the Maw appear, it will be complicated, because this creature here are blind and invisible, sound being a sensitivity factor, which will lead us in how to escape from the Maw to be very silent.

    We will be able to hear the breath when having these creatures close, what we will do then is hold our breath when pressing the R3 on the PlayStation, L on the Xbox or the ALT on the PC, the most complicated thing for what we will go through in the material world is to follow the track to find it invisibly, but through Marianne's flashlight it is possible to detect, as we get closer to the creature this flashlight begins to blink, the distance is the determining factor, taking into account the ineffectiveness of the Marianne's powers, we always have to evaluate the movement patterns of the Maw to be able to go slow to the exit of the room, by achieving a silent escape we can obtain an achievement.

     We can conclude that knowing how to escape the Maw is easier than thought once considering these details presented in The Medium.

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