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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II - Side Quest Guide

2019-06-08 21:53:54

In The Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel II, side quests are presented in each Act. Although some of these missions are simple to complete, others can be completely hidden unless you can talk to the appropriate NPCs. Due to this, in the present guide of xboxplay.games we will present the appropriate details to complete all these secondary missions indicating even the NPCs that should be searched, such as the old man in Lake Lacrima, Laura and Emma in Legram, among other cases.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 Tutorial - Jefe magico caballero ortheim

Side missions of Act 1 in The Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel II

Act 1 - Part 1

Herbal remedies:

When playing The Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel II, the first secondary mission that you get in Celdic is this one. In this sense it is necessary to speak with a priest in the church, and then take the direction of the Natural Park on the Western Highway. Once you are in the park, it will be possible to see grass on the map, then you will be able to take it and return.

Munch No More:

This is another search that is achieved once the Twin Dragons Celdic is reached. At this point, it is only necessary to talk to the guard and the civilian on the left side of the bridge and the civilian who will run out. Then you must return to the East Celdic Highway 3 and take the direction to the East Celdic Highway 2.

An event takes place 75% of the way. After this event, keep looking at the map for the green mark so you must go there to fight. When finishing with the enemies present, the next thing is to speak with the merchant and return to Celdic to finish the mission. It is possible to return quickly to the bridge when completing the mission.

Optional dungeon of the Terra Sanctuary:

Although it is not a secondary mission, completing it is possible to get three additional bonus points. In this sense, if you want to address this event, you can find it in Garrelia Byrod 2.

Do it to me:

As unlikely as it sounds, in The Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel II it is possible to get this secondary mission talking to the children in Ymir once you get to that place. It is necessary to take direction to Ymir Valley 1 and 2 in order to find items for children. After getting the sheets, you only have to return to complete the search.

 Secondary missions obtained by the elder in Lake Lacrima

Highland hunting:

This secondary mission in The Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel II is about a simple death quest. You just have to go to the Highlands and hunt them. After doing this, you should only return the elder to complete the search.

Power around

In this mission, you should talk to the girl near the sheep which will ask for help to get your horse. First, you should go to the map mark towards Nord Highlands Northeast. At this point the horse will run much more on the map, so it must be necessary to find it on the map. Finally, it will end again in Nord Settlement.

Zats Amore

This hidden secondary mission of The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II can be obtained at the Zender Gate weapons store. At this point you should talk to the two soldiers in the gun shop, who will ask you for help. Afterwards you should go to the Nord Highlands South area, where you should head towards the green mark that is closest to the Atalaya. It is necessary that you interact with the object in that place and then you must return with the men to complete the mission.

Aria sanctuary

This is another optional dungeon in The Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel II that can be found east of the Nord Highlands. Upon completion of this secondary mission, a reward with a greater amount of AP will be obtained at the end of the chapter.

Adventure azuki

On this secondary mission, you should first talk to the woman behind the counter at the item store, when you return to Ymir for your day off. You should also go to all the markers in the city and thus talk to everyone. When you get to the chapel, then you will be able to get the item you need.

Secondary missions that are unlocked when encountering Laura and Emma in Legram

Arseid School Training Bout 2

As in the first game The Legend of Heroes, in this secondary mission it will be necessary to face some students, but this time they will be much rougher.

Ebel Rebel

This is a secondary mission that requires killing, and which can be achieved in Ebel Highway 2.

Water sanctuary

Optional dungeon for additional AP that can be found on Ebel Highway 3.

Tears of Santa Verónica - Hidden

This secondary mission can be achieved Bareahard Cathedral. To access this you must talk to the sister in the room on the left and that is where she will provide you with a mission. First of all you have the statue in the central square. Afterwards it is necessary to go to the Street Station and go down the stairs to the water. At this point you must follow that path that will lead to a door through which you can enter. Then just clear the area, press the switch, finish the boss and then return to finish the mission.

Missin Kitty - Hidden

You can get this secret mission in the Central Plaza. It is only necessary to go down to the water and talk to the old woman near the door to get it. This will indicate you want help finding your cat. Followed this you must climb the stairs and talk to a couple who will be in the cafe. Then you only need to go to Artisan 's Street, then to Station Street and then go to North Kreuzen Highway and talk to the green signs that can be found there. You only have to open the map and finally you will be able to get the cat.

Strange that Fishin - Hidden

In The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II, when you find yourself back in Ymir, you should only talk to the guy behind the barrier in the tavern. This is going to want you to go out and get an angler girl. You can get this girl in the Ymir Valley 2, fishing on the bridge. Here you will be able to catch a fish and later you will enter a fight with a boss. When the boss is finished, the mission will be complete.

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