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The new challenges that are coming in The Division 2 will lead us to teach you in this guide where to find all SHD caches on two bridges.

What should we know about SHD The Division 2 caches?

  The first thing we must understand is that there are 5 different SHD caches in the game that we can find, this will be throughout all the new districts that the last expansion brought with it, here in this guide we will answer the question of where to find all the SHD caches on two bridges specifically, so let's keep reading.
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    Where to find all SHD caches on two bridges in The Division 2?

    On the rooftop

    To the northeast of the refuge we will find the first location, this is adjacent to Oliver Street, passing through the alley that is between the 2 buildings, we will reach an open maintenance hole, near the sewers we will climb a ladder, in the building in front of the SHD deposit we have that there will be a staple, which we can knock down, we will jump to a vent and going up we will get the deposit

    On the Eastern Roof

    On a small roof is a fence, behind this is the second hiding place, we have to go to Market Street to get there, once here we turn right at the interaction of Madison Street, here we will see a fence with a vent, we can go up here to a building, being on the top we can notice the SHD blocked by another wire fence, we must look up and we will find a tape to knock it down and reach the top, what follows is that we climb the building, turn to on the left, we go down and continue on the left until we get to jump to the place where the SHD deposit is.

    At school

    On Catherine Street we have a safe house to the southeast, here we find a school with allies in it, when we approach we will turn right and we will notice a fence with a lock blocking it, with a shot we will open it, then we will take the right and look up, noticing a hook that we must shoot, then we will climb the hook and reach another SHD that is at the top.


    To the southeast of the map of two bridges, in the vicinity we have a dock area, being in this area we must go to the right of the map until we reach a yellow canvas, here we will jump and follow our path, giving access to the SHD hiding place From another angle it will not be possible for us to approach this one, so we must always be on the right side of the map.

    In the offices of the building

    To the northeast of the map of the two bridges we will find the last SHD, it is near the middle settlement of New York, on Gold Street we have the entrance to this building, before we reach Franklin Street, we have to now look for a door that will open freely to the west side, inside you have to locate an elevator door that opens forcibly, on the last floor we will find the final SHD deposit, but this will be locked behind some doors that are enclosed by electronically, in the adjacent room you have to enter and here we will see through this, noting that there is an electricity box, we can shoot near the ceiling of the room where the SHD cache is. So we have the answers of where to find all SHD caches in two bridges in The Division 2 and if we want those of everyone in general we can search in Battery Park, the Civic Center and the Financial District.

    We can conclude that knowing where to find all SHD caches on two bridges is easy with these guidelines, we just have to follow them and move forward in The Division 2.

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