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The Division 2 Raid The fastest way to beat on PC

2019-05-20 14:50:35

Operation Dark Hours, the new raid in The Division 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Although this new adventure may be exciting, complaints have been raised in large numbers by fans on the consoles. These ensure that "you can not play on the console."

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Problems in consoles with The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours

fans of The Division 2 assure that they can't play the new raid
Operation Dark Hours, since it turns out to be very difficult. Also,
users on PS4 and Xbox One have been struggling to try to beat this
mission, but they take too long to do so. Apparently the problem is
linked to the experience in the consoles, which complicates everything.

The problem is so serious that, according to information revealed, the first team to overcome the Raid Operation Dark Hours took 20 hours to defeat the last Razorback boss. However, it has been commented that PC experience does not take so long.

PC has no problems with The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours

While fans on PS4 and Xbox One have to fight for many hours to overcome the Raid, this doesn't happen with the PC, where the first time was exceeded Operation Dark Hours in just 1 hour. As if this were not enough, players on PC spent 1 hour to 30 minutes. Subsequently, a group called Clan DUK, set the main time in 23 minutes and 40 seconds.

The experience for The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours in PC has been so result to be so manageable, that they have even appeared several suggestions to win that go from "optimize the encounters" to "play in the defensive version of The Division 2".

Unlike with the PC experience, in the consoles it's considered that the most difficult part could be the encounter with the final boss in Razorback. This is because at that point there is a "reduction in activity" since the frame rate is reduced, which makes everything even more complicated for players in consoles.

Just enough to see the times to realize that there is a clear problem. However, the developer Massive Entertainment has not yet made any comment as to the obvious difference in the experiences between the consoles and PC. Even so, it's expected that there will be a quick solution to this problem. It only remains to be aware of the possible news that the developer may be giving.

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