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The billing in Destiny 2.

2019-03-07 14:59:03

The Destiny 2 shooting game, a surprising new PvE mode was added with the billing. The billing was announced as a new mode which would work in conjunction with Gambit Prime, the new Gambit mode of season 6.

There are those who already think that if you manage to win a game of Gambit Prime before and the mode becomes something like a replay, you can only play the billing, this because Bungie winning in Gambit Prime was only a part and then came the billing .

By mastering the first games consecutively in the score setting, a fairly smooth pairing will be made.

Playing the billing involves doing it with other 3 players and if you do not play in a work group of 4 Guardians, you will be assigned with random players.

If a player leaves the mode, a new player will be assigned almost instantaneously to supply the fault.

In the same way after finishing a round, almost immediately a new one begins.

In reddit this had already been discovered while several upvotes were given.

Bungie also created a 4 player pairing activity where other players can also join when someone leaves.

The pairing in PvE has received a lot of criticism that should have been improved or solved with the 2.2.0 update.

Other players that the performance of the pairing is poor, especially when you start to check in for the first time.

The players also criticized that they were being sent to games where there was no chance to win.

2. It is not necessary to enter Gambit Prime to use billing.

After you have the weak synthesizer it will not be necessary to use Gambit Prime to use the billing, if you are not a friend of Gambit, now you can only pay bills and even win Mighty Gear by winning some games.

You can also get the new team bright without having to play Gambit Prime.

You will need synthesizers for your team to create special particles, which will leave you in front of the hole when you start the round of settlement, and if you win you can get a team.

Most of the synths you get are to venture into Gambit Prime, but in the Daily Civic Prime Raids in Vagabond, there are synths that will take you out of Gambit Prime.

So it is not so necessary to develop synthesizers or new pieces of armor in Gambit.

Keep in mind that the new pieces of armor are more precious if you are going to play in Gabit Prime, this because its benefits are designed more than anything for this mode.

Gambit Prime and Billing can only be played by the holders of annual passes.

During the check-in you will travel through a portal on the ball that the tramp pulls behind your ship.

You'll have to be quick to kill your PvE enemies in order to maintain control.

But if you succeed in driving the 100% death counter within the time limit, the mission will have been a failure, so we recommend you hurry because the death counter is also running out.

Move, kill and resurrect your companions as quickly as possible, this will help you to have more fire.

To play the settlement, you have to unlock the billing in Destiny 2 follows the new round of the Rover, also this will help you to get a weak synthesizer with which you can play billing.

Billing will soon launch new levels, with much more adventure, such as Level 2, which will be unlocked on March 8.

As a data if you want to get the raid flags in the Use the billing, on the right side there is a crater to put your flag.