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Find out where to find Skeletron in this excellent and explanatory Terraria guide.

What to know about Skeletron in Terraria?

This is the first of the bosses that we must defeat in order to progress by unlocking content, for the most part for this reason, there are many confrontations that we are going to have and coming out victorious is the key to accessing blocked content, now in this case it is very necessary to be aware of where to find Skeletron and with the details of this guide presented below we will have you covered, let's see.

Where to find Skeletron in Terraria?

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    What the invocation of this boss in Terraria will allow us to do is talk to an old man who is at the entrance of the dungeon, which must happen at night, on the extreme right or left of the map is the entrance of the dungeon, something that will depend on our world, then it is opportune to check both sides, it can be helpful as to where to find Skeletron that we make the trip during the day and return at night, through the old man we are told that we must have at least 300 health and minimum 10 defense to lift the curse, so before going through this we must have these minimum capabilities, creating armor or finding life crystals underground we can improve both health and defense, when summoning the boss we will see a head floating with a pair of huge arms, with which it causes damage when moving through the blocks, defeating it is our goal.

    Having covered at this point where to find Skeletron, the fight is what follows, he uses his hands to cut, when he roars his head will spin around, if we hit at this moment we will cause damage, because he will look vulnerable at this point, we must take advantage the opportunity, when facing him if we allow it to be done during the day he will become invincible, turning his head again and causing a greater amount of damage, even with a quick blow he can defeat us, now when we defeat him in Terraria, the result is that the old man does not appear and our entry into the dungeon is possible, we also get items such as potions, skeleton mask, skeleton hand, skull book and more.

    This is all there is to know about where to find Skeletron, you just have to apply the instructions to achieve it in Terraria.

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