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Terraria has another task for us which allows us to explain how to use shadow Paint.

What is shadow Paint in Terraria?

  This is just another of the resources that this game has, it is used to paint blocks and walls, it is an intense black color, it should be noted that it is not possible to apply the paint directly and that once we have painted this offers us a very interesting style and touch.

How to use shadow Paint in Terraria?

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    In order to use this paint it is necessary to have a brush or a paint roller.

    To get the brush or the roller we must have a gold coin, which is the value of each object and proceed to make the purchase from the Painter's NPC.

    It is actually quite an easy task, we will only have to have the necessary resources and thus access to paint.

      Now that you know how to use shadow Paint, you can launch yourself into this simple and interesting task that Terraria offers you.

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