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Delve into the universe of Terraria, because today we are going to tell you How to make Zenith.

What to know about the Zenith in Terraria?

It is a sword that we can only access in hard mode once we have defeated the lord of the moon, with this weapon it is possible to finish off enemies by killing them quickly, allowing us to pass through the game very easily , only that it takes a considerable time to obtain it, the damage that this time is 190 individually, with the ability to critically hit a 14 percent chance, it is also possible to modify it, now it is necessary that we understand how to do Zenith and for this you have to visualize the details that the content will offer us below.
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    How to make Zenith in Terraria?

    To solve How to make Zenith, this sword is composed of 10 weapons, which we must obtain or create while we progress, certainly some can be simple to obtain, but others not, after we have these weapons we will be able to use the Anvil of Myrhril or that of Orichalcum for the creation of the Zenith in Terraria, being the weapons as components the following.


    •  Copper short sword: it can be crafted by using copper bars x5 and iron or lead anvil x1, while for a non-traveling character it will appear automatically.
    • Star fury: through the blue boxes, celestial or celestial chests we can obtain it, this in the floating islands.
    • Enchanted sword: once the stone sword is destroyed, it is possible to get this weapon with very high possibilities, something that is randomly presented underground in a sanctuary of this type of enchanted swords.
    • Firm ground: with the combination of True Excalibur, Broken Hero Sword and True Night's Edge in a Mythril Anvil or an Orichalcum Anvil we can make this weapon.
    • Seed: when we beat the panther considering a possibility of obtaining it at 11.11 percent
    • Rider's Blade - Once we've beaten Pumpking with a 1.56 to 12.5 percent chance of getting it.
    • Inflow weathervane: beating the Martian taking into account that the chances are 16.66 percent.
    • Star Rage - Defeating the Moon Lord with 11.11 percent chance.
    • Meowmere - By beating the lord of the moon with an 11.11 percent chance of success.

     With this we come to the end of this Terraria guide, now you are aware of How to do Zenith, just do it and continue to progress.

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