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Today we bring you a Terraria guide to explain How to make stairs.

What to know about the stairs in Terraria?

It is a special platform that allows us to pass through verticality, its construction is important in the game, because this connects us with several points, so it is appropriate to know How to make stairs and in the following content of this guide the details.

How to make stairs in Terraria?

We are going to need a wooden hammer, platform and a pick as an option, so having this we just have to go to the place where the stairs are needed, we put the platforms diagonally or as we want.
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    Diagonals being very common and what else are used when we have the platforms, we choose the wooden matillo to hit, or we click on the platforms to connect, thus making a ladder, with the help of the pick we can destroy bad constructions or the parts of the ladder.

    It is appropriate to highlight the construction of what is needed to make a ladder, starting with the wooden hammer, it is manufactured on a workbench with 8 wooden materials, the platform will depend on the type, being necessary the same material with which they are manufactured. The platform blocks and in the case of the peak we have many available to make or find in the game, one of iron to make it requires 12 iron bars and 3 pieces of wood.

    Knowing how to make stairs is interesting because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Terraria.

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