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Find out How to Get Water Walking Boots in this explanatory guide from Terraria.

What to know about the boots for walking on water in Terraria?

It is an accessory that will help them to walk in water, honey and even lava, we can move on the liquid at the normal speed of movement, without sinking, the water chest allows us to obtain it, even in the chests of the ocean and the sea, considering that this accessory can also serve as an ingredient in recipes for crafts, now to know how to get boots to walk on water let's see the following details.

How to get water walking boots in Terraria?

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    What we must do is open chests of water, ocean and sea, it can become a tedious search because of how strange this object turns out to be, certainly you have to access many chests even dive into the ocean or lakes because not These kinds of chests are easy to find, when we obtain it we can use it to walk in liquid things such as water, honey and lava, while we are on a stable surface, we will notice it by a bright line at the top of the liquid for what we want walk, now if they turn out to be in motion like the waterfalls here we cannot step on, and we will pass through them.

    Certainly the usefulness of this accessory is multiple, making trips faster, going through the different problems that come our way and more, lava boots turn out to be an improvement over wellies, which makes it easier for us to walk. In the lava without receiving any damage from the fire, while with the water ones we can walk in water and honey, there are also the obsidian water walking boots that result in a combination of the normal boots with the obsidian skull.

    Finally, now that we know how to get water walking boots, we can move on in Terraria.

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