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Find out how to get the tabi in this excellent and explanatory guide from Terraria.

What to know about Tabi in Terraria?


It is an accessory with which we can make a run with a double section of the movement, regardless of the direction, in turn allows us to create the accessory master ninja equipment, then to know how to get the tabi see the contents of this guide that will be responsible for guiding us below.  

How to get the tabi in Terraria?

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    As for How to get the tabi in Terraria requires that we get to kill Plantera being in hard mode, then go to the dungeon so that we find the creature Bone Lee, which allows us to drop Tabi or black belt, where the chances range from 8.33 percent to 15.97 percent in the drop rate, we must take into account that this enemy is in the dungeon after Plantera, it is very fast and causes a lot of damage, with long range weapons we must face it, what Tabi will grant us is inferior by little to the shield of Cthulhu, but if it can mark the ailment with the speed of movement, taking into account that we will not be invincible with this, but the different thing about the shield is that we can receive all the damage.

    The roll is ideal for dodging incoming attacks, considering always avoid going rolling in the enemy direction unless the damage it causes is minimal, and we are immune to recoil, having cobalt shield or variants thereof, if we continue moving after the roll will activate the ability of Hermes boots, synchronizing us correctly can help activate the charge of the unicorn mound, for the 3DS version we have that moving the circular panel in 2 occasions we can go in any direction, similar to any other version, but if we have a grapple available, we can press the A while we go moving the circular panel being in the central position performing the dash and being in asphalt race we can reach the maximum speed.

    Finally, now that we know how to get the tabi we can move on to Terraria.

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