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With our Terraria guide, you will learn more about How to beat the Golem.

What to know about the Golem in Terraria?

This is one of the bosses that we will face in the game, which we find in the dark temple of the jungle, being necessary before we get to the one we have beaten the Plantera and get the key that gives us access to the temple, this often uses fire shots and with his fists is able to break through blocks, now to have a precise idea of how to beat the Golem we can rely on the following content, let's see it.

How to defeat the Golem in Terraria?

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    Once we have defeated Plantera and have the key to enter the temple we will focus on the search for orange bricks, which are unlocked with the key to the temple, and we can not mine them, also required for the summoning of the Golem Lihzahrd power cells that are obtained by defeating the enemies that are in the temple or through the chests, we have to go to the altar of Lihzahrd where you will see the yellow lighting that can be seen even from outside the temple, with holding the Lihzahrd power cell and touching on the right of the altar the summoning is achieved.

    To defeat the Golem we must consider as the best weapon the Yoyo Eye of Cthulhu that we can get by performing the invocation of the solar eclipse, which we will do with the objects of the temple, it is important that the ranged weapons do not get to use them inside the temple, because we will find ourselves in a very small place to face the Golem, It is important the wings because of the closed place of combat we will have to move, jump and dodge many times, before we invoke the Golem is ideal to have eliminated all the traps and put some platforms that will help us with the movements in the confrontation, the scattered honey can be useful to heal us when we go down in different situations.

    We can conclude that knowing how to beat the Golem is easier than we thought once we have these indications, we only need to apply them to achieve it and continue progressing in Terraria.

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