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Find out pricing details on How to Get Clockwork Rifle in this Terraria 1.4 how-to guide.

  In Terraria 1.4 we are getting with many hidden things, being the difficult mode is in charge of offering the depth of this incredible creative title, having in front of difficult enemies and unique weapons, which the use of them will help us against them But there are some items that will be more important than others, which puts us in the position of knowing how to get Clockwork Rifle and the details about it will be presented below.
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    What to know about Clockwork Rifle in Terraria 1.4?

    In order to obtain this weapon, it is necessary that we invoke the wall of flesh with the voodoo doll, an object that we will obtain when we defeat the voodoo demons, when we get it we have to go to the lava that is in the underworld, killing the guide and making the invocation, it is the boss who has more power in the game before the war, capable of damaging us considerably, let us now see more details to the respective and conclusive.

    How to get Clockwork Rifle at Terraria 1.4?

    Once we beat the boss, our chances of getting the Clockwork Rifle are 13 percent, while in expert mode it will be 25 percent, the only option we have to find this weapon is this, so if not We find the first time it will be necessary to carry out the process again, with this weapon we will make shots of 3 bursts, with each one delayed by 4 ticks, which leads to a total of 12 ticks, in the end with Clockwork Rifle 26 ticks We will do, when we face multiple enemies at the same time this equipped weapon becomes the perfect one for the moment, it has a low consumption of ammunition. Which represents another advantage for us.

     It is evident that knowing how to obtain Clockwork Rifle allows us to have more fun in Terraria 1.4.

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